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by Jenny Xu

Natural • Safe • Patented Technology

About Jenny Xu

My name is Jenny Xu and I specialize in bespoke eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore. I design and create only the most natural, soft and beautiful eyebrows to enhance your facial shape and features. 

It’s not enough just having the latest technology and the highest hygiene standards. I am an award-winning artist and I combine aesthetic flair with expert advice and personal consultations. I know what I am speaking of because I have done more than 10,000 eyebrow embroideries over the past 10 years.

My goal? Hyper-realistic eyebrows that mimic your natural hairs, improve the symmetry of your face, and create a more confident and beautiful you. 

You can contact me via these channels:


I provide semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Semi Permanent Brows:
My eyebrow embroidery looks like real hair growing out of your face. Enjoy natural yet stunning eyebrows without the need for additional makeup or daily plucking. No need for recovery downtime, and it lasts for years!

Safe and Natural:
I only use approved materials and I personalize my services to individual needs. My eyebrow embroidery is perfect if you have sensitive skin, or if you just want to avoid chemicals in your everyday products.

Microblading Technology:
I draw eyebrow hair strokes with pigments and without using any ink or dye. Then I shape and treat the area, without causing redness and swelling. The results are professionally sculpted, defined eyebrows that look like they have always been there.

Questions? Please contact me:

Here are some before & after photos of my works from my Instagram page:

Also, please watch this video of Mr. Martin Schweiger, my Patent Attorney and one of my recent happy clients!

Check out more photos of my work results of today and yesterday on Facebook and Instagram:

Do The Following Describe You?

If any of the points below describe you, then you are invited to Book A Consultation with me today!

Thin or Irregularly-Shaped Eyebrows

Naturally, your eyebrow shape does not match your facial features. They may also become too thin. If you are not satisfied with the thickness or shape of your eyebrows, I can help!

Spending Too Much Time On Makeup

If you find it a chore to draw your eyebrows every morning, then you likely have an eyebrow shape then can be improved. Having a good and natural eyebrow embroidery can save you this step altogether!

Unhappy With Previous Embroidery Results

You may have done an eyebrow embroidery elsewhere but the results are not to your liking. I will help to refine that result to make it more natural and fitting to your facial features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does eyebrow embroidery hurt?
Because I will apply an anaesthetic before beginning the embroidery, it should only feel like an ant crawling over your eyebrows. 

Is it safe?|
Yes, as I am a reputable eyebrow embroidery artist in Singapore, with over 20 years of professional experience. 

Will I need to touch up?
Being semi-permanent, eyebrow embroidery will need the occasional touch-up. 

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