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6 Time-Saving Hacks For Your Makeup Routine

For busy woman, the daily makeup routine can easily become a daily hassle. There’s never enough time in the day to apply makeup, let alone do it well. Ever tried drawing a straight line with liquid eyeliner while the clock is ticking? It’s stressful.  

But there are ways you can make your daily makeup routine easier and more convenient. Here are some quick and easy tips for a smoother morning. 

1. Use a tinted moisturiser, BB cream or all-in-one foundation

When you need to get ready in a hurry, you need foundation that won’t cause problems. A great choice is a tinted moisturizer that contains skin care benefits and a bit of coverage like SPF protection. As opposed to having to use two separate products, you can get by with just one. BB creams are also great, though they tend to provide lighter coverage. Generally, all-in-one products are an excellent choice for a quick morning makeup routine.

2. Go for minimalism in your makeup products 

You really only need a few products to keep your routine low-maintenance: foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick. Yes, even the contour kit, eyeliner and lipliner can go. A small team of products is all you need for a hassle-free yet effective routine. The goal is to look natural and low-key. Only add other products if you have the extra time. 

3. Stick to lighter shades of lipstick 

Lighter lip shades take less time to apply. Darker lipstick or bright shades can be trendy, and nobody says you can’t wear them. However, mornings do tend to get a little chaotic, so, when in a rush, opt for a lighter lipstick shade. It’s easier to apply, leaves no room for mistakes, and gives your lips a clean and healthy look that works better during the day.

Alternatively, if lipstick takes too long because you hate the shape or colour of your lips, why not try out lip embroidery? It’s a semi-permanent procedure that enhances the lips, so that they look natural and full even without lipliner or lipstick. 

4. Smear on some shimmery eye shadow 

Uh-oh. You didn’t get enough sleep last night. Use a shimmery neutral eye shadow to hide it. If you find it too troublesome to use a brush, just use your fingers to sweep it across. A translucent pearly beige will open up your eyes and make you look more alert. Finish with some mascara for added lift. 

Still, nothing really beats eyeliner for making your eyes look bigger. The issue of course, is having a steady hand to draw your eyeline first thing in the morning. Save time with eyeliner embroidery, which gives the look and feel of a real eyeliner, minus the smudges.

5. Maintain your eyebrows regularly

If your eyebrows are in good shape, it’s a simple matter to define them further with a few strokes of a brow pencil. Regular maintenance is necessary so that you’re not in a rush in the morning. First, know the eyebrow shape that suits you, and pluck out those stray hairs. But be careful not to over-pluck, because once they’re thinned out, eyebrow hairs take a while to grow back! When doing your makeup, just use your brow pencil to feather lightly within the existing shape. 

But what if your eyebrows are thin or uneven to begin with? Or what if you hate their natural shape? Well, one fool-proof solution is eyebrow embroidery – this semi-permanent makeup totally eliminates the need for drawing your brows, or even maintaining them. 

6. Commit to a good night-time skincare routine

If you know your morning will be crazy, a good night skincare routine is the answer. Wash and moisturise no longer cut it? Consider giving the skincare layering trend a try! Start with a great cleanser, then layer on a serum—which is especially beneficial if your skin is acne-prone or sensitive. Maybe even try a facial oil; they’re a popular choice now for all skin types. Finish off with your regular moisturiser. And don’t forget that beauty sleep—your skin always looks its best after a good night’s rest. 

Streamline your makeup routine for peace of mind

When rushing out the door, you really don’t want to be worrying about the state of your makeup. Get a professional look and save time with our eyebrow, eyeliner and lip embroidery services. Contact us for a commitment-free consultation. 

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