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7 Ways to Solve Your Sparse Eyebrows

Are you experiencing eyebrow hair loss? Perhaps it’s due to environmental factors or illness. Perhaps you just have very fragile brow hairs that need special attention. Perhaps you were just born with thin brows. Whatever it is, knowing the reasons will help you find the right solution. 

What causes your eyebrows to thin? 

There are several reasons. The most common causes of sparse eyebrows are aging, diseases or genetic factors. Generally, these are out of your control. Other reasons include nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal changes and thyroid conditions that can be stress-related or linked to your health and lifestyle. Also, over-plucking or over-tweezing your eyebrows can damage your hair follicles and lead to poor hair regrowth.

But don’t worry too much. Eyebrows do change over time, and its possible to make them fuller. If you’re not happy with your sparse eyebrows, there are plenty of solutions available. We list them here, in order of easiest or most temporary, to most difficult but most permanent. 

1. Use makeup to make brows look fuller 

This of course is the easiest way to treat thin eyebrows. There are many kinds of makeup products that you can use. Eyebrow pencils and powders are often applied with light feathery strokes to fill in the hairs. Eyebrow mascara can be used to create a fuller and more dramatic dark effect. Finally, eyebrow waxes can be use to set the result in place. 

There’s no one size fits all, and you’ll likely have to experiment, to mix and match the various products to find those that suit your preference and makeup routines. Advantages: makeup is cheap, easily changeable, creative and fun. Disadvantages: you have to reapply it everyday, and good makeup does take some skill. 

2. Apply oils directly to stimulate hair growth

It’s not quite scientifically proven, but a popular natural remedy is to apply oils like peppermint oil or castor oil, which are said to stimulate hair growth. If using essential oils like peppermint, make sure to dilute them with a carrier oil (for example sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil) before application. Castor oil can be applied directly. Whatever you do, make sure the oils don’t get too close to your eyes. 

The oil will loosen up your brow hair and remove any dirt or debris from your hair follicles. You can use a brush to gently massage the oil into your skin and wait for it to penetrate. Do this procedure every day, and in no time you might see your brow hair getting thicker. 

3. Apply hair extensions to add density

Another effective way to make your sparse eyebrows appear thicker is to apply eyebrow extensions. Just like with hair extensions and eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions involve the gluing of hair (usually synthetic hair) to your existing eyebrow hairs or to the skin itself. This creates the appearance of naturally thicker and fuller brows. 

These extensions add density to your existing hair and are very easy to apply. The good thing is that they look just like your real hair, they do not clump and they stay in place. The only bad thing is that once you remove them, you risk exposing your natural sparse hair again. If applied to the skin, they’ll last anywhere from five to 14 days; if attached to your existing eyebrows, they can last for weeks. 

4. Take supplements for vitamin deficiencies

Haven’t gone out in the sun recently, or not eating well? Hair loss has been linked to vitamin deficiencies, especially a lack of Vitamin D and iron. The clinical term is “madarosis”, which means a loss of eyebrows or eyelashes. 

So if you’re suffering a vitamin deficiency, and you’ve also noticed hair loss in general, then taking nutritional supplements for iron and Vitamin D may help regrow your thinning hair, including at your eyebrows. 

But if you don’t actually have a nutritional deficiency, taking supplements likely won’t be effective for growing brow hair. This solution is rather a long shot, and it also takes time to see any effect. It’s best for those who know they’re deficient, and don’t mind giving this method a try. 

5. Microblading (embroidery) for natural-looking full brows

Microblading, or eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves creating little incisions in the skin and applying colour pigment in many fine strokes, to create an effect that looks like your natural brow hairs. It lasts about 1-3 years, with touchups every few months. 

The best thing about microblading is that the results look like real hair growing out of your face, and can create a brow that is both precisely defined and natural-looking. Also, it’s long-lasting, which means no need to fix your makeup everyday. And, in case you follow fashion trends, microblading allows for changes in the brow design during a touchup session. 

However, this procedure does need skilled technique and specialised tools. It’s not something you should try at home. Take a look at our services to see how we can help you design your perfect microbladed brow. 

6. Eyebrow tattoos for permanently dark and full brows 

Exactly what the name implies, eyebrow tattoos are tattoos applied to your brow area. Like any other tattoo, the process can be quite painful, but you get something permanent. So this is an option if you know exactly what brow shape you want, and are willing to stick with it for life. 

Advantages: a one-time painful application, and then you don’t have to do anything forever after. Disadvantages: because of the tattoo ink used, eyebrow tattoos can fade to strange blue or green tints after many years. Also, because tattoo ink is applied as a wash of colour deep into the skin, they can look drawn on and flat… or dramatic and bold, depending on your personality and makeup preference. 

Actually, microblading is a form of tattoo, but it’s a more modern technology that avoids some of the above disadvantages. We’re biased, of course, but here’s our view on why microblading is better than eyebrow tattoos

7. Eyebrow hair transplants using your own hair

For those with big wallets, an option is eyebrow restoration, otherwise known as an eyebrow hair transplant. Just like any other hair transplant, this is a surgical procedure that involves the implanting of hair grafts into your eyebrows. These hair grafts use your existing hair follicles to fill in thin spots and encourage regrowth. For the curious, the hair grafts are actually taken from hairs above your ears! 

These procedures can be very expensive. They have to be performed by a certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon and require the use of general anesthetic. There’s usually also a few weeks of recovery, as well as the usual surgical risk of side effects and infection. The results are not immediate though – it takes a few months for the new brow hairs to start growing, and there’s no guarantee that all the hairs will grow in at the same rate. However, it is a long-term solution. 

In our opinion, eyebrow hair transplants are expensive and chancy, and are really only for a small group of people who really want to use their own brow hairs. 

Find the solution that works for you 

No matter how sparse your eyebrows are, there are many ways you can make them look fuller. The most important thing is to choose a solution that works for you. If you’re not sure what to do, start with the easy solutions like makeup and extensions, and perhaps also try out applying oils. If you’re ready for microblading, contact us for a consultation.  

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