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About Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore


About Jenny Xu

Jenny Xu specialises in bespoke eyebrow embroidery and permanent and semi-permanent makeup services in Singapore. She designs and creates only the most natural, soft and beautiful eyebrows to enhance your facial shape and features. 

It’s not enough just having the latest technology and the highest hygiene standards. Jenny is an award-winning artists who combine aesthetic flair with expert advice and personal consultations. 

Jenny knows what she is speaking of because she has done more than 10,000 eyebrow and lip embroideries over the past 20 years. Just google “Jenny Xu eyebrow”, she owns the first 3 Google result pages.

Jenny’s goal? Hyper-realistic eyebrows that mimic your natural hairs, improve the symmetry of your face, and create a more confident and beautiful you. 

Follow Jenny’s social media channels or contact her for more information:

Jenny Xu

Master Artist
Permanent Makeup Stylist
Facial Sculpture Expert
Top Tattoo Master of Plastic Surgery Hospital (Shenzhen, China)
Judge of Sino-Korea International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest

Jenny Xu Pte. Ltd.
18 Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Residents
Singapore 018980

Follow Jenny’s social media channels or contact her for more information:


With over a decade of experience in the makeup industry, Jenny is a master of permanent makeup and styling. 

In 2010, she was awarded the Most Creative Design in the International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. Following that success, she went on to clinch an accreditation certification from Japan’s CCS organisation.

She also travelled frequently for private eyebrow embroidery bookings in China, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2020, Jenny founded The Eyebrow Artist, providing her exclusive services to better serve her long-term clients.   

Jenny is renowned for her warm customer service, attention to detail, and exquisite artistry. Regular clients include Singapore artistes and celebrities, fashion and beauty bloggers, office executives, housewives, and increasingly, professional men. Regardless of their race, gender, complexion, facial shape or features, Jenny creates custom, natural and long-lasting designs that suit their personalities and lifestyles. 

Jenny’s motto is: empowering you to feel beautiful and look your best