Eyebrow Embroidery Repair FAQs

Hello, I am Jenny Xu. Please connect with me if you have any questions about eyebrow embroidery.

Below are Questions about my Eyebrow Embroidery Repair Service That I Regularly Hear

Step 1: Consultation Before the process starts, I have to carefully examine the condition of your brows. And I will need to walk you through the procedures to come. In most cases, only a part of the bad eyebrow tattoos need to be removed. That will speed up the process and reduce the amount of laser washing that will be applied to your skin. In most cases, there is zero downtime.

Step 2: LASER Wash I will then take you to a doctor who is qualified to operate a medical LASER and who will perform the laser washing process, with my guidance.

The doctor applies a local numbing cream on your eyebrow tattoos. Then laser is applied in order to remove the bad eyebrow tattoo, but not too much. That is why I need to be there.

It takes about a week for the skin to restore itself. I will advise you about the caring process for restoring your skin.

In some rare cases, there may be redness in the treated eyebrow area. This is the residue of the pigments that were used earlier for the bad eyebrow tattoo. In this case, the above process is repeated one or two times until the bad eyebrow tattoo is sufficiently removed.

Step 3: Preparation My eyebrow embroidery process starts now: a numbing cream is applied directly onto the eyebrows and allowed to set for 15 minutes. During this time, I will also choose the best colour pigment that matches your current eyebrow or hair colour, as well as your complexion.

Step 4: Embroidery I will use a specialized eyebrow embroidery instrument that has very fine needles. I create tiny hair-like incisions on the skin and fill them in with the chosen colour pigment. The embroidery process itself will only take about 25 – 30 minutes. After that, a soothing lotion will be applied to speed up the healing process.

Step 5: Design My design method does not require any outlines drawn around your existing eyebrows. My procedure is followed without any lines drawn. My technique allows for adjustments to the design, such as angles or length. During this step, stray hairs are also removed. My technique is swift and quick.

Step 6: Go out and show your new embroidery to your friends and family Yes, you have heard right. You can immediately go out and show your new embroidery to your friends and family. There is no down-time after you have received your new eyebrow embroideries. Keep them dry and do not wash your eyebrows for a few days, but that is all. There are no swellings and there is no crust. There may be scabs showing after a few days and you have to keep your eyebrows moist with a special soothing cream but that is all. After one week you are good for a good face wash again.

Eyebrow repair consists of two important steps that depend on each other: laser treatment which we call "laser washing", and - after that - applying a good new eyebrow embroidery.

Laser washing should only be done in a clinic under the supervision of a trained practitioner. This is because a cosmetic laser device can cause a lot of damage in your face.

When it comes to applying the new eyebrow embroidery, I am the one to talk with. I have 20 years of experience in laser repairing tattoo eyebrows that have been applied by conventional tattoo artists.

In short words, an eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent, while eyebrow tattoos are permanent.

That is because tattoo artists cut deep into the skin, and they are using tattoo dyes that can be useful for stitching tattoos on the forearms of oil-rig workers, but definitely not for your face.

In contrast, eyebrow embroidery is done with natural pigments that are applied only into the upper layers of your skin. This retains a natural appearance even though eyebrow embroidery fades over time as your skin renews itself over time, layer by layer.

Applying an eyebrow tattoo always comes with bleeding, and this is the best sign to tell that you fell into the hands of a tattoo artist: you can see blood stains while your artificial eyebrows are applied, and the tattoo process is painful. The tattooing will result in swellings, and you need some downtime at home before you can show yourself again in public.

There is zero blood while applying an eyebrow embroidery, and this process is almost painless. That explains why you have zero down-time after having an eyebrow embroidery applied.

Eyebrow tattoos decay over time because your body tries to absorb the tattoo dye that sits deep in your skin. You can easily recognize older eyebrow tattoos because the tattoo ink develops into a blueish-greenish tint. And the worst is that you are stuck with that ugly tattoo look forever.

Another aspect is that eyebrow tattoos is that even the best eyebrow tattoos look artificial, solid, and obvious. But that is a matter of taste. There are people who like that look.

In short words: don't let a tattoo artist touch your face, ever!

Yes, the good news is that I am the only one in Singapore who can repair your bad eyebrow tattoo.

You need a laser treatment for removing your old eyebrow tattoo before you can apply a new and better eyebrow embroidery. We call that laser treatment "washing".

And before you let someone work with a laser work on your face skin, you should invest time and effort to do your research a) about the laser removal process itself and b) about what to do to revive your natural eyebrows after the tattoo removal.

I work with laser experts for 20 years and I can help you to find the right skin laser expert. I come with you for the laser treatments and I will advise them where and how much laser washing is needed so that the eyebrow embroidery that I will apply after that step will look natural and smooth.

Your own question is the answer: no, not every doctor that has a laser machine in his clinic can remove a bad eyebrow tattoo. While it is relatively simple to remove a tattoo from the forearm of an oil-rig worker, using the same technique for removing a bad eyebrow tattoo from your face may leave ugly scars.

You should carefully investigate whether your doctor has removed bad eyebrow tattoos before and how long was the downtime after the laser washing process. A sign to ask other patients for is whether there was blood during or after the laser washing. If that happened then run away, as fast as you can.

I believe that it is nearly impossible for you to find a good laser doctor yourself. They all say that they are good.

Let me recommend you one.

I work with laser experts for 20 years and I can help you to find the right one. I come with you for the laser treatments and I will advise them where and how much laser washing is needed.

What most people do not know: you do not need to completely remove the old eyebrow tattoo if you apply my patented technique for applying eyebrow embroidery after the laser washing.

Come for a consultation and I will tell you more about this.

You will be surprised: you cannot recognize an artisan eyebrow embroidery, unless you are an expert in this field.

Most people will not recognize that you have an artisan eyebrow embroidery. What they recognize is that you look 10 years younger. Or that your face looks different if you lost your eyebrows at a very young age.

That is how you recognize artisan embroidery: you suddenly have full eyebrows that look natural.

You must see it yourself, otherwise it is hard to believe.

There are three immediate signs of an unqualified tattoo artist that should not do eyebrow embroideries:

The first sign that you will see is that a tattoo artist must mark up your new eyebrows with a marker pen, a ruler or even a tattoo stencil. Untrained tattoo people cannot apply new eyebrows without these aids because they have no "feeling" of what makes a good shape of eyebrows.

A second sign of a bad eyebrow tattoo artist is that they will have to ask you whether you like the shape of the eyebrow marks before they start to work on you your eyebrow tattoos, leaving the final decision about the shape of the eyebrow tattoos to you. A true eyebrow artist will take responsibility and not leave that decision to you.

A third sign of a rookie eyebrow "tattoo" artist is that the entire procedure will take hours of your time. A master eyebrow embroidery artist only takes 45 minutes for your new eyebrows, including 20 minutes time waiting for the numbing cream to become active.

In short words: repairing a bad eyebrow tattoo is not an easy task.

While a laser can easily remove superficial pigments in the skin, that removal process is more difficult for pigments that sit deeper in your skin. And these deep-sitting pigments constitute all of the cases that I see in my daily practice.

The root cause for those deeply buried pigments in your skin is an incompetent tattoo artist that has cut your skin deeper than necessary when they tried to make an eyebrow embroidery. What you expected to be a naturally looking eyebrow embroidery became an artificially looking ugly eyebrow tattoo.

In simple words: a tattoo technique that works well for oil rig workers’ forearms is not intended to be applied on a beautiful face!

In the first step you take an initial consultation with me.

I will then introduce you the laser expert who will again assert the skin of your face and explain to you the procedure. After which follows the first laser removal of bad eyebrow area.

Once the eyebrow tattoo is sufficiently removed, I will apply a new eyebrow embroidery. There is one tune-up session done within a month, and you are good to go again. There is practically no down-time.

You should look out for these 5 things when choosing your eyebrow embroidery artist.

  1. The artist can create a brow shape that suits your face, without using a pen, a ruler, or a stencil. Because nobody has an absolutely symmetrical brow bone on both sides of the face, using pre-determined shapes will result in stiff-looking and unnatural eyebrows. An experienced artist will know how to hand-design shapes that blend in with your brow bones.

  2. They give you constructive and balanced advice, instead of leaving the decision to you. The biggest reason for regret is when a customer is in charge of choosing their own eyebrow shape. A good salon will not just give you a photobook to choose from; they should consult with the customer to understand their needs, before offering a range of curated choices.

  3. They use only organic and non-toxic colour pigment. The skin around the eyebrows is very delicate. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, poor quality pigment can result in adverse side effects.

  4. The outcome resembles real eyebrow hair, so that you cannot tell that the eyebrow has been embroidered. The hair line strokes are individually fine, as well as sufficiently random to look real. The colour pigment matches your existing brow hair.

  5. The embroidery should last semi-permanently, without strange changes in colour. If the colour pigments are cut too deep into the skin, not only will your eyebrows look unnaturally dark, but there will also be strange grey, greenish and blueish marks on your eyebrows after 1-2 years.

If the artist does not check all 5 boxes, don’t engage them!

A consultation is required to see how bad your eyebrow tattoo is and analyze how it can be fixed with minimum laser wash. This also gives you a chance to interact with me and to better understand how I can help you.

Each one is unique, and the eyebrow embroidery must be designed to suit their facial features. I fully understand this and I will design customized eyebrows that suit you.

Unlike removal of traditional tattoos, the eyebrow tattoo removal doctor requires special skills and experience. They usually work with and are guided by an expert eyebrow embroidery artist.
In the traditional tattoos removal process, the doctor completely removes the tattoos usually using high intensity LASER used for a long duration. But eyebrow tattoo need not be completely removed. An expert eyebrow embroidery artist would exactly know how much to remove. Each eyebrow tattoo customer must be treated uniquely and there is no one size fits all approach unlike the process for removal of traditional tattoos. They are guided by me to precisely remove the only the required amount of tattoo.

Depending on the extent of your eyebrow tattoo, it takes about 1-3 washes. I make sure that this is kept to the minimum. That makes sure that you have a minimum downtime between starting the laser washing sessions and applying your new eyebrow embroidery.

I am applying my patented technology. Usually, the complete tattoo need not be removed for the new eyebrow embroidery while using my technology.

Yes, I will refer you to a professional dermatologist who removes eyebrow tattoos using laser technology. That doctor will be an experienced professional trained with the necessary equipment.

I work with several doctors and I am happy to provide a laser washing at a place that is convenient for you. I accompany you for the laser treatments, in order to guide the laser expert on where and how much laser treatment your eyebrows need..

Yes, I have a network of highly experienced Eyebrow tattoo removal doctor.
Eyebrow tattoo need not be removed completely. I am an expert eyebrow embroidery artist who knows exactly how much to remove. Each eyebrow tattoo customer must be treated uniquely and there is no one size fits all approach, unlike the traditional tattoo removal process.
The eyebrow tattoo removal doctor is guided by me to precisely remove only the required amount of tattoo.
Very often my customers are people who have had bad eyebrow tattoos. To help them I work closely with Eyebrow tattoo removal doctors.
The first and most important point is that laser removal is a surgical procedure that should only be done in a licensed clinic, when an experienced medical doctor is present. Removing the deeply buried pigments with a laser will almost certainly result in micro-bleedings and that has to be taken care of by people that are trained to treat wounds. The second point is that there is more than one approach to remove the deeply buried pigments with a laser. It all depends on the case but in simple words again: a tattoo removal technique that works well for removing tattoos from the forearm of an oil rig worker is not intended to be applied on a beautiful face! I will advise you in a paid consultation session which technique has to be applied in your case.
The whole process will be completed in about a month. The cost includes the doctor’s consultation, eyebrow washing laser and new eyebrow embroidery design by me.
Yes. Aside from eyebrows, I also do eyeliner, lip and hairline embroidery. Eyeliner embroidery, also known as “lash enhancement” or “invisible eyeliner”, draws an ultra-thin black line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes. Lip embroidery, also known as “lip micro pigmentation” or “permanent lip colour”, is a procedure that improves the shape and color of your lips. Hairline embroidery gets rid of the empty spaces on your forehead if you have receding hairlines. It is also cheaper and less painful compared to hair transplants. For more details about these and other services, see my Services page.
Being semi-permanent, eyebrow embroidery will need the occasional touch-up. Touch-ups are actually an advantage, because they allow for subtle alterations over time. For some, the initial colours may fade slightly within a few weeks, especially if you have a light skin tone. The touch-up allows me to adjust the colour pigment for the most natural look. Also, you might want to slightly alter your embroidered brow shape. Sometimes, the new brow shape may not entirely match your underlying eyebrow muscles. Depending on how you flex those muscles, you may not feel comfortable with your facial expression. A touch-up allows me to make corrections according to your requirements. I offer one-time touch-ups but recommend our yearly unlimited touch-up package. See Services for more details.
Because I apply an local anesthetic, it only feels like an ant crawling over your eyebrows. I would not call that “hurt” Before the actual procedure, a topical anesthetic in the form of a numbing cream will be applied to numb the eyebrow areas. I then wait 15 minutes for the cream to do its work. During the embroidery process, you will only feel a sensation of gentle tweezing or threading. There is no bleeding or swelling, and therefore there is no “down-time”. Please note that you are in good hands with me. The level of any pain that you may feel always depends on the skill of the eyebrow artist that is doing the eyebrow embroidery, and with my 20 years of professional experience, I will certainly do much better than a clumsy newbie.
Yes, if done by me, a reputable eyebrow embroidery artist. To minimize side-effects, always ask about the reputation of the eyebrow artist and the salon. Read their reviews or ask previous customers. Please check out my testimonials on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here). Please note that if a beauty salon is offering eyebrow embroidery services for much less than market rate, then you should be skeptical. Cheap places usually do not use quality tools and materials. Also, check that the equipment is sterilized. Make sure that the blades or needles are fresh— they should be replaced with each customer.

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