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Eyebrow Grooming For Men – How to Manage Eyebrow Hair With Ease

Grooming your brows regularly is a no-brainer. After all, wild, bushy brows are no man’s friend.

A perfect face is much more than a smooth, shaved face. Your eyebrows play a vital role in your facial appearance. In fact, they’re among the first things people notice when they see you. You already meticulously groom your facial hair or beard, so why not groom your eyebrows too? 

Whether you choose full brows or are more of a minimalist, when it comes to your brows, there’s never such a thing as too much grooming. There are several different ways to groom your brows, but the option you select will largely depend on how long you want the results to last, your tolerance for discomfort, how much money you’re willing to spend, and how defined you want your brows to be. 

Here, we run through the main methods of brow hair removal for men. 

Plucking is time-consuming and best for minimal hair removal 

A pair of tweezers is the ideal tool for precisely shaping your brows. By removing a single hair at a time, plucking can achieve great results. What’s more, it can be done in the comfort of your own home and on the cheap. But shaping your brows with tweezers can also take a long time, so it’s ideal for men who only need to remove a few hairs and who want something that’s guaranteed to look good.

If you choose to use tweezers, be careful not to pluck too much. Do not alter the natural shape of your brows. Only remove the stray hairs that sit away from your brows. An excellent way to make certain that you do not go overboard with tweezing is by simply remembering this tip: pull each individual stray hair from its root. This way, you will reduce breakage and avoid over-plucking.

Trimming removes long hairs and keeps your brows looking neat 

Trimming is great for those long brow hairs. To trim your eyebrows, you can either use scissors or an electric trimmer. Scissors are generally the best option if you use them carefully. First brush your brows up using a comb to remove any excess hair and then cut off any longer hairs with a pair of moustache scissors. These are specially designed for hair, not for cutting wood, paper or other materials. 

If your brows are very bushy and you want to thin them out as you trim, consider using an electric trimmer. But be sure to choose a moustache or beard trimmer, or one specially designed for eyebrows. And be careful! Caution and patience are necessary traits for anyone who does their own brow maintenance.

Waxing is efficient for the bushy-browed, but don’t do it at home 

If you don’t want to take care of your brows yourself, have an expert do it. Waxing is a standard hair-removal technique that can make your eyebrows look great. The method pulls out millions of tiny hairs at the same time, which provides clean, neatly defined and eye-catching results. The result will last anywhere from two weeks to a month or two, depending on your natural hair growth. 

Waxing is especially great for men who need to clear a lot of hair, such as those who have thick hair growth in between their eyebrows. Unfortunately, home waxing kits have the potential to cause major mistakes. This is why you should only get your brows waxed by an experienced technician. Though much of this kind of work can easily be done in the privacy of your own home, you’ll be better off letting the pros handle it.

Threading is precise but it needs expert attention 

Although eyebrow threading may sound confusing and scary, it’s actually a surprisingly simple way to remove unwanted hair. The traditional method uses small, twisted cotton threads to catch and pull out hairs in a smooth, straight line. This allows for more control and precision than waxing, and it is usually less painful.

Of course, you need to visit a professional to get the best results. Prices can vary depending on where you go for treatment, and you should make sure that your beautician has good reviews. On average, hair removal from threading lasts between 2 to 5 weeks before new hairs begin to grow in.

Microblading (eyebrow embroidery) is long-lasting and convenient

Call us biased, but microblading provides the best balance for a perfectly defined brow that is both long-lasting and convenient. No more daily plucking or weekly trimming, or getting your monthly waxing or threading appointment. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that involves creating little incisions in the skin and applying colour pigment in many fine strokes to create an effect that looks like your natural brow hairs. It’s similar to a tattoo, but with few of the disadvantages. A embroidered eyebrow can last up to 2 years with touchups every few months. 

Best of all? You don’t need to think. Our artists will help you select designs for a thicker, fuller and more masculine look. Over each touchup, this design can be subtly altered to suit your personality and lifestyle. 

Check out our Gallery to see before-and-after images of the men’s eyebrows we’ve designed, or contact us for a consultation. 

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