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Eyebrow Embroidery Repair

Do you have a bad eyebrow embroidery?
My name is Jenny Xu and I call that an “Eyebrow Tattoo”. And the good news is that I am the only one in Singapore who can repair that!

An eyebrow embroidery that went wrong decreases your confidence in life. It also makes you regret your decision to get eyebrow embroidery.

Here are some examples of eyebrows that have been messed up by incompetent tattoo artists (but don’t worry, I could repair them all):

Here comes an example that shows step-by-step how I repair eyebrow tattoos. The first step is to remove the old tattoo with a laser. That is pain-free. And then I give her the natural eyebrow look back that comes with a much-improved confidence, by applying my patented eyebrow embroidery technique:

FIXED: Dark and unnatural color

And here is another example of an eyebrow tattoo that was done at an incompetent tattoo studio. You can see from top to bottom how I could repair this disaster and bring back her beautiful face with natural eyebrows:

Fixed: Exaggerated eyebrow shape

Another example: the reckless tattoo artist who has done this to her should be fired. But I could still revive her natural eyebrows:

Fixed: Eyebrows that look like spray-painted

Have you seen enough? You surely have questions now.
Please contact me, I am here to give you your natural look back!

I am Jenny Xu, the Eyebrow Repair Lady.

I am an eyebrow artist specializing in repairing eyebrow embroideries that others have messed up.

In my over 20 years of professional experience, I have done numerous eyebrow tattoo repairs.

I give you your soft and beautiful eyebrows back. After my repair, you have hyper-realistic eyebrows that mimic your natural hairs.

Your new eyebrows will also enhance your facial shape and features, they will improve the symmetry of your face, and that will create a more confident and beautiful you. 

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Good Question: Why Do Eyebrow Tattoos Go Bad?

Here are the three main culprits for a bad eyebrow tattoo:

Cheap Service

You entrusted your face (!) to a low-cost tattoo shop. No wonder the result is not what you expect it to be. You cannot have natural-looking eyebrow embroidery for only $299!

Your first eyebrow embroidery session with me will cost you $1,284, inclusive any tune-up needed. Your annual tune-up sessions in the following years will only cost $642 each.

Wrong Embroidery Technique

Whenever a recovery ‘downtime’ is needed after the embroidery has been done, you are in the wrong hands. If you see blood after your eyebrow tattoo session, something went wrong!

My patented eyebrow embroidery technique does not require any downtime.

Tools Not Suitable

Wanna-be eyebrow embroidery artists use tattoo stencils and marker pens for defining the desired shape of their later tattoos. That takes a long time and it does not work for making naturally looking eyebrows.

Naturally looking eyebrows are always made free-hand like I do them! And that only takes 45 minutes of your time, including 20 minutes time waiting for the numbing cream to become active.

You Surely Want To See More Good Results & Happy Clients!

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How To Avoid Getting Bad Eyebrow Tattoos When You Wanted Natural Eyebrow Embroideries

Three immediate signs of a true eyebrow embroidery artist being at work: The first sign that you will see is that a true eyebrow embroidery artist creates your new eyebrows without using a marker pen, a ruler or a tattoo stencil. A second sign of a true eyebrow embroidery artist is that they will give you very specific advice for your new eyebrows, instead of leaving any decision about the shape of the eyebrow embroidery to you. A third sign of a true eyebrow embroidery artist is that the entire procedure does not take longer than 45 minutes of your time, including 20 minutes time waiting for the numbing cream to become active.

Ask other people for warning signs to investigate before you get your own eyebrow embroidery: ask the eyebrow embroidery artist for life testimonials from people who have done eyebrow embroideries with them before. Ask these people whether they had a “downtime” after the procedure. Did they see blood? Did they need more than one tune-up session immediately after the first eyebrow embroidery session? Did the colour of their eyebrow embroidery change from black to green or blue? Did others immediately notice that they have received an eyebrow embroidery? All these questions should be answered with a firm “no”!

Two truly unexpected features of a good eyebrow embroidery: people will NOT immediately see that you have received an eyebrow embroidery if it is of high quality. The outcome resembles real eyebrow hair. And a good eyebrow embroidery needs a tune-up only once per year!

One thing about good eyebrow embroidery that goes without saying: only organic and non-toxic colour pigments are used. That avoids allergies developing over time after the embroidery has been done. Please note that good pigments that do not change in colour are expensive and that also explains why a good eyebrow embroidery cannot be cheap.

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