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It’s a semi-permanent makeup treatment for your eyebrows. Instead of filling in your eyebrows with pencils, powders, gels or any other temporary method, you can get eyebrow embroidery to create completely natural-looking and defined brows. Unlike eyebrow tattoos, where the pigments are injected into the deeper layers of the skin, eyebrow embroidery only affects the topmost layer. An eyebrow tattoo is permanent until you have a professional remove it, whereas an eyebrow embroidery will last up to 2 years with touchups. Eyebrow embroidery requires skilled technique. We use a hand-held tool to create little incisions in your skin. This is followed by colour pigment, applied with many fine strokes to create an effect that looks like your natural brow hairs.
Anyone who wants beautiful brows without the hassle of makeup. Our clients choose eyebrow embroidery because: they have thin and faint eyebrows they aren’t satisfied with their eyebrow shapes, which don’t match their facial features they want to save time by removing one step from their makeup routine they’re sick of drawing their eyebrows all the time they want to correct poorly-shaped eyebrows from other eyebrow embroidery providers they just want to have nicer, natural-looking eyebrows, to feel beautiful and confident. Our clients include Singapore artistes and celebrities, fashion and beauty bloggers, office executives, housewives, and professional men. Regardless of your race, gender, complexion, facial shape or features, you’ll get brows that suit your personality and lifestyle.
For your first visit, there are 4 steps that will take 2-3 hours.

Step 1: Consultation Jenny examines the existing condition of your brows. She then provides the best style according to your facial structure. You can trust her, she has done the same with more than 10,000 clients before you. With zero complaints.

Step 2: Design Jenny’s design method does not require any outlines drawn around your existing eyebrows. Her procedure is followed without any lines drawn. Jenny’s technique allows for adjustments to the design, such as angles or length. During this step, stray hairs are also removed. Jenny’s technique is swift and quick.

Step 3: Preparation A numbing cream is applied directly onto the eyebrows, and allowed to set for 15 minutes. During this time, Jenny will also choose the best colour pigment that matches your current eyebrow or hair colour, as well as your complexion.

Step 4: Embroidery Jenny will use a specialized eyebrow embroidery instrument that has very fine needles. She will create tiny hair-like incisions on the skin, and fill them in with the chosen colour pigment. The embroidery process itself will only take about 25 – 30 minutes. After, a soothing lotion will be applied to speed up the healing process.

Step 5: Go out and show your new embroidery to your friends and family Yes, you have heard right. You can immediately go out and show your new embroidery to your friends and family. There is no down-time after you have received your new eyebrow embroideries. Keep them dry and don’t wash your eyebrows for a few days, but that is all. There are no swellings and there is no crust. There may be scabs showing after a few days and you have to keep your eyebrows moist with a special soothing cream but that is all. After one week you are good for a good face wash again.

You should look out for these 5 things when choosing your salon.

  1. The artist can create a brow shape that suits your face, without using a pen, a ruler or a stencil. Because nobody has an absolutely symmetrical brow bone on both sides of the face, using pre-determined shapes will result in stiff-looking and unnatural eyebrows. An experienced artist will know how to hand-design shapes that blend in with your brow bones

  2. They give you constructive and balanced advice, instead of leaving the decision to you. The biggest reason for regret is when a customer is in charge of choosing their own eyebrow shape. A good salon will not just give you a photobook to choose from; they should consult with the customer to understand their needs, before offering a range of curated choices.

  3. They use only organic and non-toxic colour pigment. The skin around the eyebrows is very delicate. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, poor quality pigment can result in adverse side effects.

  4. The outcome resembles real eyebrow hair, so that you cannot tell that the eyebrow has been embroidered. The hair line strokes are individually fine, as well as sufficiently random to look real. The colour pigment matches your existing brow hair.

  5. The embroidery should last semi-permanently, without strange changes in colour. If the colour pigments are cut too deep into the skin, not only will your eyebrows look unnaturally dark, but there will also be strange grey, greenish and blueish marks on your eyebrows after 1-2 years.

    If the salon doesn’t check all 5 boxes, don’t engage them!
Yes. Aside from eyebrows, we also do eyeliner, lip and hairline embroidery. Eyeliner embroidery, also known as “lash enhancement” or “invisible eyeliner”, draws an ultra-thin black line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes. Lip embroidery, also known as “lip micro pigmentation” or “permanent lip colour”, is a procedure that improves the shape and color of your lips. Hairline embroidery gets rid of the empty spaces on your forehead, if you have receding hairlines. It is also cheaper and less painful compared to hair transplants. For more details about these and other services, see our Services page.
Yes! Because it looks so natural, eyebrow embroidery is for everyone. In fact, eyebrow embroidery is getting increasingly popular among men. Just like women, men also want perfectly shaped eyebrows that enhance their face. But unlike women, men generally don’t want to be seen as wearing makeup. Until recently, if you have thin or uneven eyebrows, you’d have to fill them in with a brow pencil. Many men wouldn’t be willing to do that, because of perceived stigma and/or lack of makeup skill. Instead, they just lived with their ugly brows. Now with eyebrow embroidery, men can also have the eyebrows of their dreams. Because each individual brow hair is meticulously embroidered, the result looks absolutely natural. It doesn’t look like makeup, because it isn’t makeup. Our artists will also help you select designs for a thicker, fuller and more masculine look.
Being semi-permanent, eyebrow embroidery will need the occasional touch-up. Touch-ups are actually an advantage, because they allow for subtle alterations over time. For some, the initial colours may fade slightly within a few weeks, especially if you have a light skin tone. The touch-up allows us to adjust the colour pigment for the most natural look. Also, you might want to slightly alter your embroidered brow shape. Sometimes, the new brow shape may not entirely match your underlying eyebrow muscles. Depending on how you flex those muscles, you may not feel comfortable with your facial expression. A touch-up allows us to make corrections according to your requirements. We offer one-time touch-ups, but recommend our yearly unlimited touch-up package. See Services for more details.
Because we apply anaesthetic, it should only feel like an ant crawling over your eyebrows. Before the actual procedure, a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) will be applied to numb the area. Jenny waits 15 minutes for the cream to penetrate the epidermis. During the embroidery process, you should only feel a sensation of gentle tweezing or threading. There should not be any bleeding and swelling. You are in good hands. The level of pain will depend on the skill of the eyebrow artist. and Jenny with her 20 years of professional experience is always more careful than clumsy newbies.
Yes, if done by Jenny, a reputable eyebrow embroidery artist. To minimise side-effects, always ask about the reputation of the eyebrow artist and the salon. Read their reviews, or ask previous customers. Please check out Jenny’s testimonials on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here). Please note that if a beauty salon is offering eyebrow embroidery services for much less than market rate, then you should be skeptical. Cheap places usually don’t use quality tools and materials. Also, check that the equipment is sterilised. Make sure that the blades or needles are absolutely fresh— they should be replaced with each customer.

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