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Why Do Lip Embroidery

Why Do Lip Embroidery, Why Not Just Lipstick?


Here’s the question: why do you need lip embroidery when you can just apply lipstick? Read on to find out more.

Hello! I am Jenny Xu.

I’m an embroidery artist specializing in bespoke eyebrow & lips embroidery services in Singapore.

With over 20 years of experience, I have also won numerous awards and have completed more than 10,000 embroideries.

In this article, let me share my experience about lip embroidery with you.

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When You Were Still Young

Here is what nobody dares to tell you, but I do: when you were young, nobody cared about the lipstick that you put on your lips. But now as you age, that has changed.

You look beautiful anyway, because you are looking young. Yes, a bright red lipstick color makes you stand out from the crowd because men (and women) find this attractive. But because you are young, you also look beautiful when you wear no make-up at all in your face. If the size of your lips is too big or if the natural shape of your lips is not a smile, nobody cares. That is because you are 18 or 20 years old. The large majority of women is naturally beautiful and interesting at that young age.

When You Start to Age

This is what I observe among my clients: that young age advantage of a woman has been lost as you became older. Your lips color became darker. Your lips will eventually get wrinkles. Maybe the skin of your lips has already become dry. Some of my clients develop dark spots on their lips. That is not only because you are aging. The use of lipstick on a daily basis has changed the color of your lips, and so did the exposure to sunlight and cigarettes or certain drinks such as coffee or tea.

Up to a certain age, these aging effects can easily be covered by using lipsticks, and high-quality lipsticks also help to preserve the skin of your lips moist and flexible. These expensive lipsticks help you to look young and healthy. Men want to kiss your lips, and that is because you are attractive. The price is that you have to touch up your lips after a meal and you get lipstick stains on your teeth, and also on your partners shirt when you embrace him. And at the end of a long, tired day at work, you still have to remove not only the lipstick but also those other layers of makeup before you can hit the bed.

When You Age Even More

What I see is that this gets even worse when you age more. Wrinkles in your lips make the lipstick look artificial, and everyone can recognize that from far. Lipsticks do no longer match the colors of the other parts of your face, whatever brand you are using. Whatever you do to your face, it does not look natural anymore.

Restore Your Lips Permanently To A Young Appearance

Here comes my lips embroidery, done by a professional lips embroidery artist. I can apply a semi-permanent tattoo on your lips that restores the natural appearance of your lips, whatever your age is. That is not the only advantage of lips embroidery: your natural lips colour is right there after you wake up. Ready for a kiss! Check out the testimonials on my social media.

Lips embroidery also makes the skin of your lips tighter. You will see that some wrinkles just disappear. You can still apply lipstick as you like if you want to match the color of your lips with a fancy make-up and with colorful jewelry that you wear for a special occasion. You look young again, your husband has a desire to kiss you, and the people around see that.

Here Come More Advantages of Lips Embroidery:

1. Lips embroidery is safe:

Lips embroidery is done using biocompatible chemicals, which means it is not harmful nor toxic to the human tissues.

2. Hygienic and safe:

Lips embroidery is done with the help of a machine and a needle at the end. Each needle sterilized and single-used for every customer so each appointment is hygienic and safe.

3. Lips embroidery is fast:

Lips embroidery is done in less than one (1) hour’s time. First, I will numb your lips so that you don’t feel any discomfort. While we are waiting for the numbing agent to take full effect, I will prepare your lips for the procedure. Next, I will insert a natural pigment into your lips skin, using small needles. This is done in multiple layers to help create an even tone.

4. Lips embroidery Lasts 4 to 5 years:

You can have evenly colored lips that last 4-5 years. Lipsticks don’t even last 2-3 hours without fading. And imagine the number of lipsticks, time and the money in your purse that you can save.

5. No pain at all:

Don’t take any painkillers or supplements such as fish oil or vitamin E before you come to see me — these can cause bleeding and bruising. A numbing cream will be applied to the entire lips before the process. So there is absolutely no pain. Just sit back and relax, let me work my magic so that you get beautiful lips.


My lips embroidery helps you to achieve more toned and shapely lips, in no time. This is the most important anti-aging lip treatment that I can recommend to you. Do my lips embroidery before you try lip fillers and lip injections.

How I Do My Lips Embroidery Different:

The difference between our lip lines and other studios is that ours will have the outcome of composite colors. They will be soft, light, low density, and evenly colored.

Embroidering your lips with me will have natural effects given by nature, suitable for any place and atmosphere, gorgeous but not exaggerated.

What Is The Problem If You Do It Elsewhere?

The difference between lip tattoos elsewhere is the color. The repaired color is no different from the color when it was just finished. Thick, exaggerated, conspicuous, opaque, or too dark in color, with the feel of a thick layer of paint, making it uncomfortable for onlookers.

Another point is the lip shape, some are too wide, the color is embroidered on the outside of the lip line, not delicate enough, and some lip shapes are not corrected correctly. The lip design is not three-dimensional.

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Can You Correct A Previously Badly Done Lip?

Yes, I can!

As a professional, I help you correct unsightly lip shapes by embroidering spring lips. A good-looking lip shape, no matter how thin or thick the lips are, should have the corners of the mouth upward and the middle a little higher. Thin or thick does not matter, as long as the proportion is adjusted correctly, there will be a natural, three-dimensional effect.

View the picture below of an embroidered lip done elsewhere, and the comparison image of what I have done to restore it make it to become more natural. In this case, color was too exaggerated and unnatural.

Simply contact me, I will take a look at your lips and advise you if it needs restoration. No obligations at all.

How Do I Correct The Badly Done Lips?

Lips embroidery is not the same as makeup, it is semi-permanent. Hence, while makeup can be exaggerated, embroidered lips should look natural. It does not make sense to have embroidered lips to look like makeup, it is just too unrealistic.

What Have Previous Customers Said About My Service?

Many customers have been happy about my embroidery service, which covers lips, eyeliner, eyebrow, and many more. This can be seen on my testimonials page and the 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

In particular, for lips embroidery, Peggy, a blogger and influencer, have written a detailed review of my service here:

So, you can be sure that I will do a great job on your lips!

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