7 Ways to Solve Your Sparse Eyebrows

Are you experiencing eyebrow hair loss? Perhaps it’s due to environmental factors or illness. Perhaps you just have very fragile brow hairs that need special attention. Perhaps you were just born with thin brows. Whatever it is, knowing the reasons will help you find the right solution.  What causes your eyebrows to thin?  There areContinue reading “7 Ways to Solve Your Sparse Eyebrows”

6 Time-Saving Hacks For Your Makeup Routine

For busy woman, the daily makeup routine can easily become a daily hassle. There’s never enough time in the day to apply makeup, let alone do it well. Ever tried drawing a straight line with liquid eyeliner while the clock is ticking? It’s stressful.   But there are ways you can make your daily makeup routineContinue reading “6 Time-Saving Hacks For Your Makeup Routine”