Finding The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Your eyebrows are a characteristic facial feature that affects your whole appearance. Even if you’re an expert at make-up, badly-shaped eyebrows can ruin your look.  The ideal eyebrow shape should open up the entire eye area, and improve your face’s overall proportion. Although thick, strong brows are currently on trend, your eyebrow shape shouldn’t beContinue reading “Finding The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face”

Weird And Wonderful Facts About Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows aren’t just features that make you look beautiful. While keeping you beautiful is our main job here at the Eyebrow Artist, sometimes we like to have fun. Here’s some strange and amazing facts that most people don’t know about their eyebrows. Fact #1: Eyebrows help us see by keeping moisture of your eyes Continue reading “Weird And Wonderful Facts About Your Eyebrows”