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Testimonials on the Best Eyebrow Embroidery

I am honored to have helped so many people look beautiful and feel great about themselves! Read reviews from our satisfied customers.

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Here are reviews from some of my customers:

“I’m just done with my brows and I love them!!!! natural strokes just the way I wanted it. ”

“most importantly, this is definitely more ideal than me having to draw my entire brows myself because of the natural look which i was never able to achieve by drawing myself”

– Juliane Jeong

“Artist Jenny has such high expectation I know I am very safe in her work. Jenny did hundreds of eyebrows with more than 10 years of experience.”

– Daphne Ong

“I did my lip embroidery 3 months ago and see it still look so natural on me ! ”

“ The process is painless and I wake up everyday without having to fuss on what lipstick to put.
I used to have cracked lip and now my lip is pretty moisturize after my lip embroidery session.”

– Julie Tan

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5-stars on Google

I started my Google Reviews Page in 2022 and now there are over 30 reviews, and I have maintained a full 5-star rating. Here are some reviews:

(Note that embroidery is also suitable for gentlemen and many men have reviewed my services too!)

After a few years consideration, I finally had enough courage to do the lip embroidery with Jenny recently. Made the best decision to go with her. It was almost painless process. It took 3 days after the procedure to recover. Was worried about swelling the day after but Jenny was very assuring that it will go away. She was right. I am very happy with the results. Strongly recommend Jenny. I also did my eyebrow with her and receiving many compliments that it looks natural.

Fanny Wong (Jul 2022)

Jenny provides very professional micro-blading services. She ensures the equipment used are sterile. Brows drawn by her are very natural looking and great results when healed.

Cheryl Siu (Oct 2022)

Jenny’s skill is superb. Her eyebrow design is very natural and fit each individual. My friend recommended me years ago and I’m now a repeated customer. I also refer her to my friends. Highly recommended.

Cynthia W (May 2022)

Second time doing eyebrow embroidery with Jenny and the results are awesome as always! The eyebrow that Jenny does is natural and lasting and she is very good at framing your face with the right eyebrow shape. I’d only trust Jenny’s skills. Highly recommend!

Grace Yeow (Jul 2022)

I only trust Jenny with my eyebrows and eyeliner embroidery. She is super patient and professional and makes you feel 100% comfortable. I was afraid it might be painful but she allayed my fears and was very reassuring. True enough, the eyeliner took 3 min and it was a breeze. Love the final effect! Thank you, Jenny!

Simin Wu (May 2022)

I went into the appointment slightly hesitant but Jenny put me at ease straight away and I’m blown away by how good my eyebrows look now. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Superb job Jenny, thank you!

Max Amies (Sep 2022)

I went to look for Jenny for eyebrow microblading services. It was my first time trying microblading and the results were very natural. I think I was mainly concerned about how many of my friends had very dark, unnatural or strangely-shaped brows. I was very glad that my brows looked naturally beautiful. 😌

Jessica S (Oct 2022)

I’ve been going to Jenny for brow micro blading since 2017. Jenny is very talented. She is very confident and has a natural sense of what eyebrow shape best suits your face. I’d only trust her with my brows!

Charlie Cello (Apr 2022)

I have heard of Jenny Xu for quite awhile and after much consideration, I decided to give it a shot to do both eye brow and lip embroidery with her. I am very pleased with the results. Jenny is very experienced and skillful indeed. I would say that it’s definitely worth a try if you’re considering.

Raine Ang (Aug 2022)

The most natural eyebrow embroidery you can ever find. I only trust Jenny with my brows, highly recommended!

Shi Qin Neo (Jul 2022)

Jenny is skilled and knows the art of eyebrows shaping.. You can trust her to “bring life” to your brows.. She is like the Leonardo Da Vinci of eyebrows who understands what customer wants!

Claire Kwan (Mar 2022)

The aesthetic importance of the eyebrow has been highlighted for centuries. There is a saying that eyes are the window to one’s soul. But a great pair of eyebrows can act like the perfect frames. They can accentuate the eyes, shape the face, draw focus to one’s face all in an instant, and play a powerful role in communication. In fact, some well-known publications considered it to be of primary importance in facial expression and beauty. When I finally took up the courage to do something about my out-of-place eyebrow, I went to some length of understanding what I want:
a. Natural pair of eyebrows that looks good and matches with my face contour
b. Natural hair on my eyebrow with colour that matches with my hair
c. Experience of the eyebrow specialist is a given (who would want a rookie to ‘operate’ on your eyebrow) After going through extensive search for an experience eyebrow specialist, the experience of Jenny Xu caught my attention. From her website, she has more than 20 years of eyebrow embroidery. In 2010, she was awarded the Most Creative Design in the International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. She was also the judge of the Sino-Korea International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. With these impressive credentials, I entrusted my eyebrow to her. I was not disappointed. Jenny is patient, customer-oriented and most importantly, skillful and experience. After 2 sessions within a month, my eyebrow has that natural shape and feel that looks good. Satisfied and highly recommended! 😊

Richard Ho (Jul 2022)

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