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Weird And Wonderful Facts About Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows aren’t just features that make you look beautiful. While keeping you beautiful is our main job here at the Eyebrow Artist, sometimes we like to have fun. Here’s some strange and amazing facts that most people don’t know about their eyebrows.

Fact #1: Eyebrows help us see by keeping moisture of your eyes 

Actually, this really is their main function. Without eyebrows, your eyes would be flooded every time you sweat. Notice the eyebrow arch? It’s not just there to look pretty. The arch functions to keep the eyes clear by diverting any falling liquid to the sides of the face, instead of letting it flow into eyes. Next time it rains, know that you have your eyebrows to thank. 

Fact #2: Eyebrows have much more hair than you think

Quick, look in the mirror and guess. How many hairs are in your eyebrows? About a 100? According to hair transplant firm Bosley, the average person is said to have around 250 hairs per eyebrow… for well-groomed eyebrows. If your brows have never been plucked, you can have up to 1,100 hairs! Of course, not all these hairs are well distributed, which is why you need us 🙂 

Fact #3: Eyebrows have a fixed lifespan of 4 months

Yes, your eyebrow hair lives and dies over only 4 months, or 120 days. No, don’t freak out. This doesn’t mean that your eyebrows will all fall out. It just means that the average time it takes for eyebrow hair to fall out and start to grow again is about 120 days. So your eyebrows are always renewing themselves. Also, this is only for healthy eyebrows; if you’ve damaged yours, it’s likely they’ll fall out faster or grow slower – so please, take care of them! 

Fact #4: Your eyebrows make you recognisable

Eyebrows are actually quite important for facial recognition. An MIT study found that most people find it difficult to identify the faces of people they know, when they are shown pictures of them missing their eyebrows. The researchers concluded that eyebrows are actually crucial for facial recognition. So, that’s one more reason to make sure your eyebrows are in tip top shape.

Fact #5: Your eyebrows can tell your personality (sort of) 

Okay, this one isn’t really a fact. But we’re entertained by it, because we’ve seen thousands of eyebrows and it kind of is true. 

According to the book “Amazing Face Reading” by Mac Fuller, the type of eyebrow a person has defines who he is. For example, curved eyebrows suggest that someone is human-oriented and needs a real example to understand a problem; while straight eyebrows imply that they are more direct, factual and logical, preferring to focus on technical details. Also, angled eyebrows show someone who likes to be in control, no matter what the situation, and who strives to be right. 

Well, we hope that you enjoyed these weird and wonderful facts about eyebrows. If there’s other eyebrow topics you’d like to know more about, contact us with your questions.

Eyebrow shape too confusing for you? We work by personality too. If you know what you want to convey, tell us and we’ll get the right shape for you. 

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